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In this site you can find funny videos, strange videos and various odd or humourous media found on the web or sent to me via the upload feature. You may click on the filenames below to download each video file, but direct linking will not work. Thank you.
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index.html  N/A0 Kb10 Mar 2007
wedding mishaps compilation - good.wmv  N/A2121 Kb26 May 2006
greek cult sougklakos gouzgounis.wmv  N/A8615 Kb05 Apr 2006
how close a biker has to be.mpg  N/A3301 Kb15 Feb 2006
dama master.wmv  N/A2601 Kb25 Jan 2006
world of warcraft - internet is for porn.wmv  N/A23433 Kb09 Dec 2005
acc - idiots jump over roof.mpg  N/A3891 Kb17 Oct 2005
when no boss in office1.mpeg  N/A758 Kb11 Oct 2005
when no boss in office2.mpeg  N/A651 Kb11 Oct 2005
when no boss in office3.mpeg  N/A328 Kb11 Oct 2005
american idiots - geography.wmv  N/A3080 Kb10 Oct 2005
world of warcraft - village people.wmv  N/A12027 Kb08 Oct 2005
acc - harrier crashing.mpg  N/A2356 Kb09 Sep 2005
A Cool breakdance movie.wmv  N/A6141 Kb04 Sep 2005
Summer Fun.mp4  N/A15264 Kb19 Aug 2005
Unbelievable Street Climbing - David Belle.avi  N/A13588 Kb10 Aug 2005
Jason.WMV  N/A167 Kb05 Aug 2005
com - mmu 2005.wmv  N/A1714 Kb05 Aug 2005
broken ribs.mpg  N/A3337 Kb02 Aug 2005
greek priest preaching while reading sms.wmv  N/A1789 Kb27 Jul 2005
AlexeyDiakov_and_AndreySokolov_in_Koshkin&Mashkin_sketch.wmv  N/A10060 Kb26 Jul 2005
com - lotto bodyguard1.wmv  N/A1450 Kb27 Jun 2005
com - Beer can save lives.mpg  N/A3362 Kb27 Jun 2005
PlayingBalls show.wmv  N/A2113 Kb06 Jun 2005
com - foudounia.wmv  N/A1417 Kb01 Jun 2005
amazing pool shots.wmv  N/A1192 Kb09 May 2005
bmw 1200 gs dirty track.mpg  N/A9449 Kb14 Apr 2005
com - bud DancingQueen.mpeg  N/A2547 Kb18 Mar 2005
savoura.wmv  N/A300 Kb04 Feb 2005
com - ballmer - windows.wmv  N/A850 Kb24 Jan 2005
com - Nounou - Bobos.wmv  N/A2597 Kb17 Jan 2005
Americani_v_iraku.wmv  N/A2552 Kb15 Dec 2004
KFee_Auto.mpg  N/A3547 Kb18 May 2004
whistler exhaust.wmv  N/A3946 Kb26 Mar 2004
copier repair.asf  N/A396 Kb23 Mar 2004
senator.mpeg  N/A561 Kb18 Mar 2004
foot-punchRef1.asf  N/A910 Kb16 Mar 2004
acc com - ladderman show.asf  N/A1324 Kb05 Feb 2004
forklift safety.wmv  N/A7191 Kb27 Jan 2004
foosball_trick.wmv  N/A683 Kb27 Jan 2004
com - zazoo condoms.wmv  N/A743 Kb20 Jan 2004
Matrix-pingpong.wmv  N/A1296 Kb21 Nov 2003
The Mootrix.asf  N/A2877 Kb10 Nov 2003
ballmer - developers.mpg  N/A1626 Kb10 Nov 2003
ballmer - dancemonkeyboy.mpg  N/A3149 Kb10 Nov 2003
ballmer - megamix.avi  ballmer=the ceo of microsoft, haha very funny10010 Kb10 Nov 2003
japan music arcade.mpg  N/A16121 Kb15 Oct 2003
fish vs mouse.wmv  N/A2726 Kb15 Oct 2003
tetris japan finals.mpeg  OMG!13369 Kb15 Oct 2003
antzela dimitriou - la nuit.mpg  N/A852 Kb07 Oct 2003
paragontas edessaikou.mpg  N/A4420 Kb01 Jul 2003
com-Georgiou-Yamaha.avi  N/A1409 Kb21 May 2003
The Battery.wmv  N/A1954 Kb15 Mar 2003
spot the man.qt  N/A4271 Kb24 Jan 2003
who is going to climb to the top 1st.qt  N/A2945 Kb24 Jan 2003
knee surgery.asf  N/A5124 Kb24 Jan 2003
what is going up is going down.qt  N/A3076 Kb24 Jan 2003
saab demo.asf  impressive!34046 Kb16 Oct 2002
ta kamaria-zitades.wmv  N/A1269 Kb11 Sep 2002
com-206-sculpteur.mpg  maybe the best commercial after super timor!4455 Kb17 Jul 2002
KungFoot.mpe  N/A1386 Kb12 Jul 2002
Cops Give Ass Kicking.avi  N/A2736 Kb13 Mar 2002
Cops Falling.mpg  N/A2897 Kb13 Mar 2002
Cops Being Blown Up By Bomb.mpg  N/A1062 Kb13 Mar 2002
snake nose to mouth.mpeg  N/A1724 Kb21 Feb 2002
Giving The Finger To A Cop (police brutality-really funny) .avi  N/A2363 Kb30 Dec 2001
bbquiet.mpg  N/A1544 Kb30 Dec 2001
gates.mpeg  N/A1716 Kb07 Dec 2001
foot - higuita - TheMadGoaly.mpg  higuita is the man!1019 Kb26 Nov 2001
foot - higuita - goalkeeper.mpeg  N/A729 Kb26 Nov 2001
karatechimp.mpeg  N/A3067 Kb12 Oct 2001
acc - kozak dance.mpeg  N/A760 Kb12 Oct 2001
gym - polevaul.mpeg  N/A1454 Kb12 Oct 2001
piewib_dentiste.mpeg  N/A1095 Kb02 Oct 2001
com-Super-Timor.mpg  the funkiest commercial ever!! if you speak french2017 Kb02 Oct 2001
WTC-second_crash_alternate_angle_slomo-DivX.avi  N/A6303 Kb12 Sep 2001
kitty-gore.mpg  N/A3962 Kb07 Sep 2001
acc - pinguin sinks.mpg  N/A590 Kb31 Aug 2001
acc - kick boxing leg brake.mpg  N/A746 Kb20 Jul 2001
com - france telecom.mpeg  N/A5156 Kb10 Jul 2001
com - ikea tidy up.mpg  N/A939 Kb05 Jul 2001
Door.mpg  N/A2966 Kb28 Jun 2001
amazing bike save.mpg  N/A860 Kb27 Jun 2001
Tjuren1.mpg  N/A513 Kb22 Jun 2001
Olimpiadas.mpeg  N/A651 Kb29 May 2001
com - cherokee.mpeg  N/A2423 Kb21 May 2001
paparokades-tsipaki.mpg  N/A51241 Kb14 May 2001
louka-pope.avi  N/A2727 Kb08 May 2001
katsiki.mpg  N/A669 Kb08 May 2001
acc - almost crash.mpeg  N/A311 Kb08 May 2001
Dns_anyone.mpg  N/A1195 Kb07 May 2001
cubicle.mpe  N/A2220 Kb04 May 2001
sleepy.mpe  N/A1336 Kb04 May 2001
foot - yellowcard.mpeg  N/A955 Kb02 May 2001
foot-theiko2.mpeg  unbelievable!2092 Kb02 May 2001
acc - 4mig29.mpeg  N/A2292 Kb24 Apr 2001
Abdulah pa skydebanen.mpg  N/A2471 Kb23 Apr 2001
birthday-black.mpeg  N/A914 Kb10 Apr 2001
com - miller.mpg  N/A1949 Kb02 Apr 2001
Gentleman-6.mpg  N/A1067 Kb27 Mar 2001
com - visual.mpeg  N/A1615 Kb12 Mar 2001
BreastBash.mpeg  N/A2583 Kb07 Mar 2001
acc - ParkingKissing.mpeg  N/A965 Kb05 Mar 2001
gym - Javelin_Catch.mpg  N/A782 Kb27 Feb 2001
acc - InTheKitchen.mpeg  N/A1245 Kb23 Feb 2001
Photocopies.mpeg  N/A656 Kb23 Feb 2001
chin keep tree.mpg  N/A1402 Kb19 Feb 2001
acc - f1pits-verstapp.mpeg  N/A1158 Kb14 Feb 2001
pisshead.avi  N/A593 Kb14 Feb 2001
manahmanah.qt  N/A1722 Kb14 Feb 2001
BalloonEater.mpg  N/A1571 Kb14 Feb 2001
footySmart-theiko.mpg  unbelievable!2307 Kb14 Feb 2001
com - casque.mpg  N/A2091 Kb08 Feb 2001
com - Soda.mpg  N/A3397 Kb07 Feb 2001
com Umbro.mpg  N/A4155 Kb02 Feb 2001
com - karate.mpg  N/A1435 Kb02 Feb 2001
shark.mpe  N/A346 Kb02 Feb 2001
acc - donkey chase.mpg  N/A2679 Kb27 Jan 2001
acc - granny+dog.mpeg  N/A943 Kb27 Jan 2001
anniversary fart.mpg  N/A3129 Kb27 Jan 2001
bikeRace.mpg  N/A1854 Kb27 Jan 2001
com - Drogacol.mpg  N/A2841 Kb27 Jan 2001
com - Ikea(pasdechance).mpg  N/A3901 Kb27 Jan 2001
com - Tabasco1.mpg  N/A1406 Kb27 Jan 2001
com - customs - football.mpeg  N/A5156 Kb27 Jan 2001
gym-DIVE.mpg  N/A575 Kb27 Jan 2001
jardin.mpg  N/A603 Kb27 Jan 2001
jump-fishing.mpg  N/A2590 Kb27 Jan 2001
motorsounds.mpeg  N/A4599 Kb27 Jan 2001
olympics.mpg  N/A4093 Kb27 Jan 2001
foot-friendly.mpeg  N/A701 Kb25 Jan 2001
com - SONY Picturebook.mpg  N/A3061 Kb25 Jan 2001
com - internet.asf  N/A1329 Kb18 Jan 2001
papas.mpg  N/A3511 Kb17 Jan 2001
acc - cameramanFall.mpa  N/A732 Kb16 Jan 2001
Gates And  N/A1716 Kb16 Jan 2001
Gates Gets In Face.mpg  N/A741 Kb16 Jan 2001
Tacoma Narrows Bridge.mpg  N/A689 Kb16 Jan 2001
405-divx.avi  N/A8103 Kb16 Jan 2001
340 kmph in  N/A18088 Kb16 Jan 2001
300 kmph on bike (nerki).mpg  N/A19298 Kb16 Jan 2001
Course de Pikes Peak (Ari Vatanen).mpeg  N/A69347 Kb15 Jan 2001  N/A328 Kb09 Jan 2001
rowing.mpeg  N/A758 Kb09 Jan 2001
com - LookinGood.mpg  N/A4644 Kb13 Dec 2000
Einparken.mpg  N/A649 Kb21 Nov 2000
bigballs.mpeg  N/A2873 Kb10 Nov 2000
acc - tractor.mpeg  N/A1421 Kb18 Sep 2000
vazexa.mpg  N/A15969 Kb30 Jun 2000
acc - rally1.mpeg  N/A1241 Kb06 Jun 2000
acc - mbike2.mpeg  N/A1310 Kb06 Jun 2000
acc - rally-carmageddon.mpeg  N/A1024 Kb06 Jun 2000
acc - mbike1.mpeg  N/A1372 Kb06 Jun 2000
sport-snomobile.avi  N/A752 Kb06 Jun 2000
missile run.mpeg  N/A849 Kb06 Jun 2000
sheep_crash.mpeg  N/A689 Kb06 Jun 2000
acc - stok.mpeg  N/A1466 Kb06 Jun 2000
acc - rally2.mpeg  N/A1499 Kb06 Jun 2000
F14supersonic.mpeg  N/A1351 Kb06 Jun 2000
cop-cycle spin.mpeg  N/A839 Kb06 Jun 2000
wwf-wrestnuts.avi  N/A621 Kb05 Jun 2000
xena.mpeg  N/A1124 Kb05 Jun 2000
porsche-crash.mpeg  N/A872 Kb05 Jun 2000
acc - pooljump.mpeg  N/A653 Kb05 Jun 2000
gym2.mpeg  N/A958 Kb02 Jun 2000
gym1.mpeg  N/A516 Kb02 Jun 2000
acc - farherson-baseball.mpeg  N/A487 Kb02 Jun 2000
acc - formula sandwich.mpeg  N/A1130 Kb02 Jun 2000
foot - fightreferee.mpg  N/A960 Kb02 Jun 2000
acc - Falling In Love.mpeg  N/A782 Kb02 Jun 2000
acc - surprise2.mpeg  N/A1006 Kb02 Jun 2000
acc-pingpong.mpeg  N/A609 Kb24 May 2000
Skydive.mpe  N/A1019 Kb23 May 2000
com - nurse.avi  N/A2134 Kb11 May 2000
examen2.avi  N/A4076 Kb05 May 2000
fiat.avi  N/A3789 Kb05 May 2000
gym-javelin.mpeg  N/A590 Kb24 Apr 2000
gym-skate.mpg  N/A483 Kb20 Apr 2000
marx-smelly.mpeg  N/A1478 Kb18 Apr 2000
gym-readygo_.mpe  N/A617 Kb18 Apr 2000
acc - ambulance.mpg  N/A659 Kb18 Apr 2000
acc - fish boat drop.mpg  N/A659 Kb18 Apr 2000
gym-Long_run.mpeg  N/A657 Kb17 Apr 2000
fifi boom.mpg  N/A262 Kb17 Apr 2000
com - beer-tilborg.mpg  N/A5011 Kb23 Mar 2000
banned01.avi  N/A4834 Kb17 Mar 2000
com - japp-chocolat.mpeg  N/A1998 Kb06 Mar 2000
mpougas - planhtarxhs.avi  N/A57563 Kb18 Feb 2000
ShopinginSA.mpg  N/A2797 Kb11 Feb 2000
tiger woods.mpg  N/A3901 Kb10 Feb 2000
korkolis.asf  N/A6869 Kb10 Feb 2000
big bird.mpg  N/A1361 Kb27 Jan 2000  N/A2901 Kb15 Jan 2000
acc - boat-anker.mpeg  N/A929 Kb26 Dec 1999
acc - dalika-smash.mpeg  N/A677 Kb22 Dec 1999
black-power.mpeg  N/A865 Kb22 Dec 1999  N/A689 Kb17 Dec 1999
com - gini-soft-drinks.mpeg  N/A938 Kb17 Dec 1999
HIJACK.mpeg  N/A2987 Kb15 Dec 1999
kick-ghpedo.mpg  N/A640 Kb07 Dec 1999
com - epson-printer.mpeg  N/A2129 Kb04 Dec 1999
gym-Barrefix.mpg  N/A492 Kb29 Nov 1999
com - pierce -drink.mpg  N/A2230 Kb26 Nov 1999
AlienSong.mpg  N/A3201 Kb05 Nov 1999
acc - bull.mpg  N/A2899 Kb03 Nov 1999
acc - formula-belgium.mpg  N/A1526 Kb03 Nov 1999
acc - planecrash.mpa  N/A1067 Kb31 Oct 1999
cat fly.mpa  N/A2162 Kb29 Oct 1999
acc - Cops.mpeg  N/A2897 Kb27 Oct 1999
vassilis leventis - 08Mbit.mpeg  N/C162986 Kb12 Oct 1999
Acc-pizza.mpg  N/A430 Kb07 Oct 1999
com - baby-karate.mpg  N/A548 Kb04 Oct 1999
Wedding.mpg  N/A1349 Kb04 Oct 1999
com -  N/A820 Kb27 Sep 1999
vivek.mpeg  N/A958 Kb20 Sep 1999  N/A4403 Kb18 Sep 1999
com - agfaunderwater.mpg  N/A1361 Kb17 Sep 1999
baby-emetos.mpeg  N/A565 Kb14 Sep 1999
dancingd.mpeg  N/A1603 Kb10 Sep 1999
Twist.qt  N/A604 Kb07 Sep 1999
amazing-eyes.avi  N/A1338 Kb17 Aug 1999
acc - Branded.mpg  N/A819 Kb16 Aug 1999
acc - rabbit.mpg  N/A205 Kb16 Aug 1999
mentos.mpg  N/A1456 Kb16 Aug 1999
Bill clinton.mpg  N/A3862 Kb18 Jun 1999
beauty-quelle.avi  N/A2318 Kb08 Jun 1999
acc-train.avi  N/A867 Kb02 Jun 1999
british telecom.mpg  An old classic, copied a lot5139 Kb27 Mar 1998

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In this site you can find humourous, funny or rare videos, strange videos and various odd or humourous media found on the web or sent to me via the upload feature. You may click on the filenames below to download each video file, but direct linking will not work. Thank you.