Note: This software is no longer maintained!
ITDB - IT ITems DataBase The free asset inventory
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ITDB is a web based asset inventory management tool used to store information about assets found in office environments, with a focus -but not lmited to- IT assets. It is not or targets for ITIL/CMDB compliance (yet), but it has served me for years and hopefully it will do the same for you :-)
ITDB comes with sources and is distributed under the GNU Public license.


Please do NOT expose ITDB to the public internet. It is not secure, it is aimed for intranets. If you need to do so, please at least use https and configure an HTTP auth password on your web server so it will be hidden behind a password.


Not really planned any more.
  • Purchase Order management
  • Basic Ticketing support
  • Configuration/Knowledge/FAQ entries per item/software. (Something easier than attaching files)
  • RRD support for historical graph trends
  • Item positioning in floor plan, with drag & drop (WIP)
  • Better (analytical) licensing models, SLA events, recurring events, descriptions
  • Automatic host and software discovery - db auditing
  • ISO20000-like features


  • Items: specs, warranties, s/n, IP info, what other H/W relates/connects to this H/W, item status, event log, assignees
  • Software: specs, license info, ...
  • Relations: where each software is installed, license QTY, component relations, contract relations to software/hardware/invoices
  • Invoices: purchase proofs depicting date, vendor, prices, attached documents
  • Agents: Vendors, H/W & S/W Manufacturers, Buyers (for different Dpt), Contactors
  • Locations: location of each asset: building, floor, room, rack, rack row, row depth
  • Contracts: define custom contract types, like support& maintenance, SLA, etc. Track contract events.
  • Tags: multiple tags for items and software. You may use tags for grouping according to usage, budget, owner, importance, etc.
  • Files: attach documents to every main object entity (Items, Software, Invoices, Contracts
  • Users: who has what or who is responsible for what
  • Racks: display rack layout with items assigned to each rack row. (supports multiple items/rackrow).
  • Print labels: print label stickers for tag all your assets, with or without barcode, from phones and laptops to cooling units and ups. Easily define new label paper layouts through the GUI.
  • One click backup: get a full backup of the ITDB installation and data in a .tar.gz from the main menu. To restore, just extract the backup file on the web server!
  • All pages are printable: all screen pages/lists/reports print-out nicely, without menus, scrollbars and other clutter.
  • Interface Translations: translation file support. You may create your own translations (v1.3)
  • Rudimentary LDAP support: pull userlist for item assignment from an LDAP URL.(Not tested with active directory, and not used for auth.


Current release:
6/Mar/2016 version 1.23:
4/Jul/2015 version 1.22:
2/Jul/2015 version 1.21:
25/Oct/2014 version 1.14:
20/Oct/2014 version 1.13: This version had some unreleased code by mistake.
23/Dec/2013 version 1.12: itdb-1.12.tar.gz
24/Oct/2013 version 1.11: itdb-1.11.tar.gz
22/Oct/2013 version 1.10: (wrong db version bundled)
28/Sep/2013 version 1.9: itdb-1.9.tar.gz

You can download the current development version on GitHub

Previous releases are here.


The DEMO is read-only with limited functionality. The demo may be a bit slow, this is due to my provider, not due to itdb.


The software is distributed under GPL. I would be very happy to receive an email describing how you use it!



Some screenshots are from previous versions.
Some screenshots have been edited to wipe-out private info.


System Requirements

  • A recent version of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc or IE≥9
  • Apache 2.2 on a posix system (linux, solaris, etc) (apache 2.0 may also work)
  • PHP > 5.2.x
  • PHP SQlite PDO, SQlite >
  • depending on your distribution, you may have to also install packages "php-posix", "php-mbstring", "php5-gd", "php5-json" "php5-sqlite" "php-pdo"
It has been reported to me that it also runs under MS-Windows but I cannot test it.

Installation instructions

  1. extract the files in a web-exported directory (under the "DocumentRoot")
  2. rename pure.db to itdb.db (pure.db is a blank database)
  3. make the data/itdb.db file AND the data/ directory AND the data/files/ directory readable and writeable by the web server
  4. make translations/ directory readable and writeable by the web server
  5. Login with admin/admin
If you need to find out which sqlite library is used by your apache/php installation, browse to itdb/phpinfo.php or press the small blue (i) on the bottom left of the itdb menu.


Instructions are inside the 00-UPGRADE.txt file

Release Notes

older CHANGELOG is here
For newer releases, you may see the commit log

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