Ever wondered how your time disappears during the day?
TimeTrack is a very light application that may give you an answer!
When run, it minimizes to systray and measures how much time you spent on each application/process/program without any user intervention. It counts automatically how many seconds each application has the focus.
After 2 minutes of mouse or keyboard inactivity it stops counting. It's the only free application/task/activity measurement tool on the net that requires no user intervention, enjoy!



For Windows 2000/XP (and maybe 2003).
No installation is needed, just run the .exe . A timetrack.csv file will be created in the same directory to store measurements.


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TimeTrack is Freeware
Executable: timetrack.rar Version 0.7
Source: timetrack-src.rar Version 0.5

You need Borland C++ Builder 5, ADVStringGrid to compile it yourself.